(Ajah Attack) More Videos From Ajah Robbery Shootout

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Thursday, (November 12 2020) will be indeed a day to remember by the the people of Ajah, who witnessed the robbery attack carried out on a bullion by group of highly armed men on a brought day light.

According to witnesses, the incident took at least two lives, one of them said to be one of the police officers who drove the van along ado road, Ajah, Lagos just in front of Blenco Mall, where they were robbed.

Since police decided to stop work, we’v had at least four(4) alleged obberry stack on the Lekki-Ajah axis in this past one week alone.
The recent event that took place on thursday happened around 3PM in broad daylight just in front of one of the biggest malls in the area, BLENCO that is located just along Addo Road, Ajah. many people abandoned their business to run for their lives.

From the video shown below, the Blenco Mall was seen operating fully when the attack started.

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It was also reported that on of the near-by Estate’s security was rushed to the hospita after he got hit by a stray bullet which passed through the gate and hit his stomach and left it open. Watch Video Below


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