#Bbnaija Khafi Could Be Sacked From Her Police Job For Having Sex On National Camera

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Breaking News!!!

Big Brother Naija Housemate Khafi Shamed On The Front Page Of British Newspaper The ‘UK Sun’ For Having Sex With Gedoni In The Big Brother House!!!

Prior to entering The BBNaija House Khafi was A Police Officer In The UK and her salary is Currently £30k (N13.2Million A Year) And according to the Scotland yard Khafi Disobeyed direct orders as her Senior Police Officers declined her request to Go for Big Brother Naija, Nonetheless she still did what was on her mind.

All her bosses her currently very Angry at her and They Are Now Set To Sack her once she comes out of the Big Brother House for Repeteadly having sex on National TV thereby Bringing shame and Tanishing the Image of The Prestigious British Police Force!!!

Khafi kareem
Offence no.1 she left without the approval of her leaving Request,

Offence no2 she tarnish d image of British Police by having sex openly in lives how ,

Offense no3. How could u be earning 13million in 12 months and leave to join BBN that you not sure of winning

Pls Khafi fan, before u come to my post shaking the earth on me ask ur self could u leave ur job that ur earning 1million every month to join BBN