#BBnaija2019 4Things You Dont Know About Mercy #Bbnaija via @G4celebNg

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We all have been watching the trendy TV show Big Brother Nigeria since the begining till date. Most of us have had our favorite while some are just watching for the fun.

We have witness many exit the show, including those we thought are very strong and that could stay till the finals but unfortunately, they had to leave because their fans didnt do enough to keep them in the house or they where not very active to win them more fans and more votes.

Presently, we have Mercy, Tacha, Khaffi, Frodd, Seyi, Omashola, Cyndy, Elo, Diane, Mike And Ike remaining in the game.

Back to the topic of this post. (4Things you dont know about Mercy Lambo)

Just as every other person, Mercy also have one or two side you might not know yet. See Four(4) Things About Her that you might not know below;


1. Did you know that Mercy Usually Does Bonkry Anytime The Is Fuel Scarcity? Helping mum to sell fuel.

2. Did You Know That Mercy Is A Single Mum? Disclosing This During A Chart With Khaffi Many Weeks Ago.

3. Did You Know That Mercy Ended Up Staying In Lagos After Her Travelling Preparation Failed?

4. Did You Know That Mercy Is The Only Daughter Of Her Parent?

Well, now you know. Share your comment below;