Couples Goes Completely Nvvvvd3 As Usual For Social

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Don’t know what these couples are actually selling neither do I know what they are up to, I just know they so so so love to go completely na*ed and do nasty things on twitter.


Try this on IG or twitter and you instantly get blocked with no time wasting and no apologies will be sent to you, simply because you countlessly go against the terms and condition.

I pumped into Hess couples who maybe earn their living by sharing nasty photos and videos of themselves on twitter to gain attention.

Many videos with many captions,

Shaving can be such a task for us women at times and the fact that he enjoy’s handling my maintenance down there once a month is such a blessing.😍🙏🏼 Thanks daddy❤️

She shared this in one of their video, showing how the man was busy assisting his women to shave between her legs.

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Please note that videos and photos are rated (+18), which means if you are not 18 and above DO NOT VIEW THIS

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