EXCLUSIVE: How I Made A Come-Back Decision To The Entertainment Industrt- Otis Maho

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Join us in this exclusive moment with Otis Edward popularly known as Otis Maho as he shares with us an interesting story of how he made a big return to the entertainment industry after calling it a quite some years back.

The ex Nigerian rapper/pro boxer Otis Maho, also shared with us how he got robbed by the game and people around him.
During the one on one chat with G4celeb, Otis Maho stated that he never left the entertainment industry, all he did was to take a long break from the show biz to enable him create time to attend to other business of his. Read Below;


On Repeating Same Mistake
“Since i left the music business, my fans all over has been asking me same question ‘When Am I Coming Back”. Well, coming back is not an issue tho, but working with same team i worked with before i quite, will be one big mistake that will be repeating itself.”

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On Why He Left The Entertainment Industry
“The reason i decided to quite at first was a result of the kind of people i worked/delt with in the industry plus the negative people with negative vibes around me.” He continued “At a point i realized how much money has been spent on pushing several craft and yet i keep get negative result from people i had trust to give me what i wanted, so i decided to just chill outside the game for a while.”

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On Why Did It Take Him So Long To Return
” I never planed to stay this long with doing something for my fans, but i had to because what i was doing was really interesting, profiting and less stress, so i decided to buy me some more time which am happy i did.”

On His Return To The Show Biz
“Okay, i saw people talking about me on several social platforms on how i quite the entertainment industry. Well, to make it straight; i never left, i only decided to take a break. So i took more time because i needed to.

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On If He Is Planning On Doing Song Now That He Is Back
“For now i have no plan to drop any song. My focus right now is how to push my entertainment company MEG Music using other means and as well as build my charity home OMAH FOUNDATION.”

Tomorrow Marks Sept 7th, Otis Maho Will Be Celebrating His New Age As He Becomes Plus One. From G4celeb, we say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our star person of the moment. OTIS MAHO