HOW I MET MY HUBBY – Woman Share Her Story. (Read Full)

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Read interring story of a lady who took to social media to share her journey on meeting her husband. Read Below;


“I met him on a flight to South Africa, he was going on a business trip, he sat beside me and I couldn’t help but notice how handsome he looked, well groom beard, nice suit and perfume. He noticed I was reading a book, so he asked what the title was, I gladly told him and other conversation came in. By the time we got to South Africa we had become good friends, he offered to give me a ride to my hotel and I agreed, his kid brother picked us up in an E350 formatic Benz, the ride was smooth, I didn’t like my hotel when we got there coz it looked different from what I had seen online, so he begged me to stay with him at his brother’s house and I said OK. I was treated like a queen in his brother’s mansion and they took me around to see many places… I came back to Nigeria after a week but he went from SA back to USA where he works as a Neuro surgeon. We kept in touch and I fell head over heels in love with him and him with me. 5months later he came to Nigeria but didn’t inform me coz he wanted to surprise me on my birthday. I noticed his lines weren’t going thru so I thought he probably had a long surgery session. I was furious when I didn’t get a call on my birthday morning but I kept calm at around 12pm his brother showed up at my door, I was very happy (they used to live in my area several years ago) he said his brother told him to take me out. I quickly dressed up,he led me out and behold my handsome Prince Charming was waiting outside with a Range Rover e vogue with a ribbon on it….then I noticed he has a ring box in his hands also…. I was speechless…………… It was pure bliss………. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm I will tell you guys the rest when I finish imagining it. Lol.”

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