Ladies Learn How To Keep A Clean VJ

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Ladies Learn How To Keep A Clean VJ
Ladies Learn How To Keep A Clean VJ

Caution to all them ladies out there!! Stop inserting shits into your VJ; Stop it, it’s harmful for crying out loud.


If your VJ stinks, shave the hair’s around there completely, wash with warm water add a pitch of salt to the water, wash with mild toilet soap and mind you don’t deep that soap inside your vulva, lot’s of girls make such mistakes and they end up having irritation down there, do that 3times a day.


Secondly when Having your monthly circle, make sure you take your bathe, change your pad 8hrs, don’t use one pad for the whole day, you will smell like one dead body.


Make sure you have air down there, don’t put on tight panties, use cotton parties so air can pass through that avoid you been so sweaty down there.


Lastly remember to always wipe from the top to bottom, which is (back) don’t wipe from the back to the front, it’s bad. The anal region carry a lot of germ & bacteria so if you wipe from the anal upward to your VJ , you will end up having infection.Do


not pile up used panties; Wash them immediately you take them off, don’t repeat panties!! If only you keep all of this daily hygiene routine, you will forever be free from smelling VJ, and there will be no need for of this harmful products you use on VJ . Remember ” Cancer of the Uterus is real “.


Don’t carry well makeup face, pretty one at that, but your VJ smells like spoiled meat, abeg oh auntie, uncle can’t suck that one o..

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