Read Full Story Of A Lady Who Refused To Listen To People Asking Her To Leave Her Man

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True Story: They told her to leave her husband because she’s worth more than him. They told her she’s beautiful and successful, that a woman of her standard deserves a better man with a better job income and personality . She listened to them and abandoned her home.
It has been over 7yrs since then and she’s still looking for a better man that matches her standard. The funniest part is that those friends who told her to leave her man are still with their own husbands, doing everything possible to save their homes.

Be very careful from who and where you take your relationship and marriage advice. The only advice you can get from a fool is a foolish advice. Anyone who recommends divorce or break up to you at every slight argument with your partner is an enemy that appears like friend.

A lazy man and a poor man are never the same. If a man doesn’t have today does not mean he will be lacking for life. As long as he’s GOD fearing, loving, caring, and appreciative of your efforts, you don’t have to worry yourself. There are only two ways to regret in life. BEFORE AND AFTER. A woman who choose never to be patience for a while might ends up enduring for life. Marriage is not a bed of roses.