Rihanna Expecting Her First Child Already?

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Could this rumor of the music goddess expecting her child for her Saudi boyfriend be true?


Singer Rihanna, who is in a relationship with the saudi businessman, Hassan has been at the heart of a controversy for several days. This week, in response to rumours that she was pregnant with her first child, the singer responded in her own way.


In a video that circulated on social networks on friday13 september  2019, Rihanna appeared in the middle of a concert with a round belly. Very curious, the fans announced a probable pregnancy of Rihanna, pregnant with her beloved Hassan Jameel, who simply tries to hide him to avoid the paparazzi’s obsession. “Swearer Rihanna is pregnant? I’m going to give her even more money so that she can take good care of our future child”, “Rihanna is going to be MOTHER”, “Let go of Rihanna for 5 minutes, you’ve been saying she’s pregnant for two years”, one of the things you could read on the web.

But on tuesday, 2 october  2019, the singer and businesswoman ended the rumors with a completely different appearance on the streets of New York City where she was going to a restaurant.


According to the images published by Je wanda, unlike the video, Rihanna revealed her super flat stomach. A way for the singer to silence rumours about her rounded belly. According to Daily Mail, the singer simply replied “No baby darling” before continuing on her way.

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