See YBNL Responds To Lyta’s Claim In Recent Interview

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Photo Of Lyta, Who Claimed he has no written contract with YBNL

Few days ago, singer Lyta made a claim that he has no written contract with YBNL Record headed by rapper Olamide. Things has been going on underground between the young singer and the YBNL boss Olamide who we all believed signed the young singer sometime ago.

Olamide Rapper/YBNL Boss

The YBNL camp has come out to respond to the young talent’s interview with Legit. ng where he claimed he currently has no written contract with under the Olamide record label (YBNL).

After interview, a source affiliated with YBNL has debunked most of Lyta’s claims. The source who does not wish to be named revealed exclusively to the true details surrounding Lyta’s exit.

“Even Olamide himself doesn’t have a contract with YBNL. The truth is he needs to prove himself before he can get a contract.
Is it someone that wears the chain of another record label that would get a contract? Or is it someone that ‘bought’ a car online and is living a fake life that will get a contract?”

Acording to source, The YBNL rep also spoke on the young singer’s mom eye condition claiming that the no one including the manager was aware of his mother’s blindness until now.

“Why didn’t he inform us about his mum’s situation? He didn’t find this important enough to tell his management but he goes ahead to ask for other things.”

There was also findings about the 50,000 Naira Lyta gets as proceeding from shows.

“Yes its true. This is a normal industry procedure. We work with percentages. He gets 40% while his manager gets a certain percentage as well.
The remainder of the money goes to logistics including transport and police protection. Now, try and factor in all this when we get a show that pays about N200,000.
How much will he get knowing how much we have spent already?”

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