Shatta Wale Chased Out Of Concert By Angry Legon Students

Ghana Music Star Shatta Wale Chased Out Of Concert By Angry Legon Students

Shatta Wale escapes being mobbed by students of University of Ghana, Legon after he allegedly performed below the expectations of the aggrieved students.

He was reportedly made to walk off the stage at the as a result of the students protesting against his performance on the stage.

According to Ghanaweb, Shatta Wale was the headline artiste for the 2019 Legon Hall Week Artiste night, but to the student, his performance on the night was not what they had bargained for.

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He was said to be lip-syncing on stage when the students had expected him to perform live as agreed by both teams.

However, Shatta Wale failed to do so, making the students so angry because they felt he did not respect them enough to honour his part of the agreement.

The angry students were said to have had some quarrels with his bodyguards, while others put off the light causing Shatta Wale to walk off the stage, bringing the show to a sudden end.

By walking off the stage, Shatta Wale did the wisest thing because it was possible that he could have been harmed by the aggrieved students who had already managed to plunge the whole venue into darkness.

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