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Good evening housemates 😂😂
I am here again Cox my lover Tacha is trending…..but am not pleased Cox many people hatred got to another level

It’s about the body odour matter
People who watch the show on facebook….. Here’s the full update

Mike and khafi were having a discussion
Mike said:
Tell ur friend the new house mate to stop eating garlic……. And she should always top up….. He went further saying…..
That’s the reason why I don’t share hoh room with her

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Now let’s all reason together
Tacha ain’t a new housemate but Cindy is
Tacha doesn’t eat garlic but Cindy does
To top it up…..
Tacha ain’t the head of house….. But Cindy is the head of house!
This clearly proves he was referring to Cindy…… If still you have doubts….. Let’s play back to last night dinner
Right after the conversation was held…….

Mike was seen walking directly to Tacha’s table and he sat right beside her!
Okay for instance let’s assume you know someone has body odour would u just walk straight to dere space and seat beside dem????
If u still feel he was referring to Tacha
Let’s all view something…..
If Tacha really have body odour and we all know seyi is blunt to the core he says whatever to whoever just to hurt dem…… He would have definitely insulted Tacha with the odour tin…..
And if u still feel he was referring to my adorable Tacha

Here’s a suggestion
Sniper is really cheap now…. Just buy and put in your food
It’s such an easy death I assure u!

Tacha army how are we doing?!🤗🤗
One love from:Tacha’s Advocate ❤❤❤
Keep the votes coming
We have few hours.