To Men Who Always Go For Flat Tummy Ladies via @G4celebNg

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Written By Ernest D’best.


Dear Men, you see that flat, sexy, fresh tummy you’re admiring, you see that woman you call your wife that you’re about to cum in her and get her pregnant.

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Please note that after your mini junior or beautiful princess pops out, it takes time for her body to go back to how it used to be.

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In fact it never goes back to the exact thing. And we know it might be a bit difficult for you to adjust, but a lot of women are already dealing with “self confidence” issue. So if you ridicule her for the change in her body because she chose to bring a soul to this life, your actions can make her depressed. So please support her, encourage her, remind her of why you chose her to be your love.

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Tell her how beautiful she is. Tell her how bringing a child to this world is the most powerful thing and she is the most powerful being on earth for doing it.

Let her know that stretch marks can’t stop the love you feel for her, and that the birth of your child makes you love her more.
Thank you Gentlemen as you do this.