UK Base Nigerian Narrates How She Appoints Herself As P.A To Obasanjo After Meeting

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Meet young lady who appointed herself personal PA of Ex President Obasanjo after she met him at a conference. She’s been his PA till now.

Life will only give you what you

Here’s her story 


“I was determined to serve one of the greatest leaders in Africa. So I positioned myself front row. I sat in the seat reserved for a @thesundaytimes journalist – my apologies your correspondent arrived late.

I made eye contact with Mr Olusegun the entire event. From start to finish. Once the event was over. Guests and fellow panelists wanted to take pictures and engage with Pres. Obasanjo

I stormed onto the stage and said, excuse me: “No more pictures! Can we get him into a private room, with a glass of water? In 10 minutes he’ll resume to discuss matters and entertain the press”

He followed me & when we got into the room he asked: “Who’s daughter are you?”

I responded “My father isn’tanyone you know. He’s Just a normal Nigerian citizen who relocated to the UK for a better life”

He chuckled and said “so how can I help you?”

I said “well I’m your new PA. I’m going to serve you”

I’ve been serving him since that date.

Moral of the story: Opportunities don’t always come to you. Sometimes you have to create your own opportunities.

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