Wizkid’s Fans Throw Shade At Davido, Says He Copies Everything Wizkid Does

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Wizkid and Davido currently working on their album. What if they release same date?


Some social media wizkid’s fans, believes Davido is trying to copy Wizkid by following his calendar. But if you ask me i would say it is just a coincident.

The two Nigerian stars has announced they are currently working on releasing their next album but none has released his yet. This has got people talking and wondering what if they both decides to release it on same date which personally i dont think they will want to do such. We all know Wizkid is a very big platform likewise Davido, so i think they might just want to have their space so one might decides to chill a while for each other so sales wont clash.

Event with all said above, they might go ahead to release on same date so that way people will want to buy both same time so they can just compare whose own is best.

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